Thursday, June 28, 2007

My first Meme

I have been tagged by Darlene from burning kitchen... with a meme titled "Lucky Seven". I am meant to state 7 random facts about myself and then tag 7 other people. Darlene went along the lines of food facts, but I might mix it up a little.

1. I went to 3 different schools in year 7. First term one school, Second term second school and then third and fourth term the third school. Then in year 8 I moved to a different school where I completed Year 12. So I am pretty good at adapting to different environments.

2. I have worked in the same company since leaving University. So I have been there for 6 years and have been in 3 different job roles, Receptionist, IT/Office Manager, and now Marketing Manager.

3. I am allergic to mangoes, even though I love them. My lips get all itchy. So I have to make sure when I eat them that they don't make too much contact with my lips.

4. My parents used to have a lot of exchange students staying with us, so from when I was about 8 until 18 we had people from different countries living with us at some stage in the year.

5. I am obsessed with trying all different asian snacks. I love going to the asian supermarkets and stocking up on different things that I have no idea what they are until I try them.

6. I love pretty much all reality tv shows. Sometimes they are so bad they are good.

7. There isn't any food I can think of that I don't like or won't eat. So I am pretty much the best dinner party guest...

I was going to tag some people, but the link thing is playing up and I want to move onto my next post. So I will leave it there

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Anonymous said...

Love your memes sis...heard you are back from Thailand...will catch up soon. Your website is brilliant, that icecream looks very yummy. Keep it up, very enjoyable to read. Thanks xoxox