Friday, July 20, 2007


I am leaving for Thailand tomorrow for 3 weeks! I will be going to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Phi Phi, Krabi, Ko Phangan, Ko Samui and then back to Bangkok, so i will be sampling a lot of different food while i am there! I will take lots of photos, but not sure when I will be able to post them. So stay tuned for some delicious Thai food!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Old Fitzroy Hotel

Went to the old fitzroy hotel last Wednesday for trivia. We used to come here all the time a few months ago for trivia on Wednesdays, but hadn't been for ages. Trivia starts at 8pm, but it can get quite packed (like it was on this night) so we usually get there at 6 - 6:30 grab a table and get something to eat.

They have a really good little bistro which is run by asian people, so they do asian food and western food. I always say to look at the people who are cooking the food and then order what they would normally cook. They are said to have some of the best laksas in Sydney and I must say they are pretty good.

Laksa w/ chicken and vegetables - $8

There are about 12 different combinations of laksas you can get which are all under $10. I like my chicken in a laksa though and getting vegetables makes me feel heathly! The soup has a bit of a kick, but it doesn't blow you away or anything.

Curry Puffs - $4.50

Ernie ordered these along with his main meal, of which i had one of. They were pretty good curry puffs, and 4 for 4:50 is a good deal I would say. I had curry puffs the other day from the thai place near work and they were very oily and didn't have much filling to them. These were packed with veges and hardly any oil.

Cheeseburger - $5.50

Ernie loves the cheeseburgers here. They are pretty simple meat, cheese and sauce. A whole lot of chips come with it too, although Ernie split a couple in half and they were pretty hollow. What can you expect for under 6 bucks though.

I have tried a few other of the asian dishes here and they are pretty good and very well priced (there is only one dish over $10 and that is the rump steak). They are very quick in serving too. Our meals came 5 minutes after we ordered! If you're in the area you should drop by for a drink and a meal.

Old Fitzroy Hotel
129 Dowling Street
Woolloomooloo NSW

Friday, July 6, 2007

Taste of Brazil

Last Sunday Frankie and I were going out to dinner and he suggested this Brazilian place near Darling Harbour, and I was like there isn't any Brazilian place near Darling Harbour, but sure enough opposite Oscars on the corner there was a place called Taste of Brazil. We went up to it, but it was closed, so last night when we were deciding where to go for dinner we both thought of it, so i rang and booked!

I was amazed at how much room there was inside. It looks so tiny from the outside. We were asked whether we wanted to sit inside or outside, then he said there was some live music outside, so we both said outside!

These guys were cool. A bit of live music is always good, and it wasn't obtrusive music either, it was just at the right volume. Frankie has a friend that works here, which is how he knew about the place and he recommended to get the banquet. The banquet was a churrasco style meal which consists of some sides and then different meats which are cut from a skewer.





The first meat that came out was lamb, then they had marinated chicken wings, big fat sausage (which was similar to chorizo), pork ribs, and the best was the steak. The guys that were all cutting the meat didn't speak too much English. Frankie thought that the guy that owned the place was on regular look out at the airport for all the planes coming in from Brazil and would offer all the good looking guys jobs.

The tomato salad was really good. It was just a simple salad of tomatoes, onions, parsley, olive oil, vinegar, and seasoning, but it just tasted so damn good! Wasn't too sure what the floury stuff was, but i was browsing the internet and found it is a seasoning called farofa that is used to sprinkle on meals. Would have been nice to know what to do with it beforehand. Not knowing what it was I tasted a bit, which didn't really taste like much but when you mixed it together with the rice and tomatoes it worked really well together. The guys kept asking whether you wanted more meat until you had had enough. They have a lot of other options on the menu, but you really wouldn't do anything other than the churrasco.

This would be a really good place for a birthday or group get together, cause there were big tables set up and for a $29 banquet plus BYO what more could you ask for! Oh their caprhinas are the best I have ever had as well. I will definitely be making a repeat visit to this place.

Taste of Brazil
11a Bunn Street
Pyrmont NSW