Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Cafe Pacifico

Went to Cafe Pacifico in Darlinghurst on Saturday night for Mick's 30th birthday, which seemed to be a restaurant that specialised in big groups of people. Not somewhere you would come for an intimate date...(although i did notice a table of 2 in amongst the large groups). Now I only took one photo, cause of the nature of how fast the food came out, and things were taken before i had a chance to put my food down and take out my camera..

With the menu choice you have a selection of 3 types of menus and Mick pre-selected the middle one, which consisted of 4 entradas and choice of steak or chicken fajitas.

I hope those cases up there weren't full..

The first "entradas" were some corn chips and salsa which were very good and very moreish, which helped as one couple were running late as they didn't read the second email that Mick sent around which explained how the first venue he chose couldn't fit us all in, so he changed the restaurant... They also had a bar which seemed to be very busy all the time making margaritas (which cost 70 bucks for a jug!) and other specialties.

Sonora Pacifico

My friend Megan and I found these very bland. I mean how can you go wrong with nachos?? It needed some flavour! It looked good though. What also came out for the entradas were some corn fritters and quesadillas which came with some garlicky sauce. These were much better than what was pictured above. After that came the main which were roll your own fajitas. These were very good and very filling, but i think the quality of food was a lot less than the $36 price that we were all paying. If it weren't for the fajitas i would have been pretty annoyed. Drinks expensive too, but i think you are paying more for the atmosphere than anything else. We had a good time anyway, and so did Mick. Happy Birthday Mick!

Mick and Grant

Colin and Me

Cafe Pacifico
95 Riley Street
02 9360 3811

Open Tuesday - Sunday from 6pm

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