Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pho Bac Hai Duong

If anyone has been to Marrickville the first thing they will notice is the long stream of Vietnamese restaurants along Illawarra Road. I can't believe how many there are. Frankie said that he has been to them all so it was up to him to choose which one we went to. After going to both bottle shops in Marrickville and finding they were both closed we found a bottle shop in a pub and then headed to Pho Bac. I love the freshness of Vietnamese food and I also love how you get all the different condiments on your table so you flavour dishes to your liking.

Vietnamese Pancake - $9.50

We started off with a Vietnamese pancake which I hadn't had for ages. I never used to like this cause I wasn't a big fan of bean sprouts, but I have learnt to like them. The pancake was so crispy and fresh and the sauce was perfect. I couldn't eat this without the sauce though. Everything on the menu was so cheap that we decided to get 3 main items and share them.

Salt and Pepper Squid - $13

You can't really see but the salt and pepper mixture was chunky and had bits of chilli through it of which i ate a big bit of. The batter was probably a bit thicker than you'd expect, but it was still really good.

Combination Omellete - $11

This had pork and squid and vegetables in it and tasted so good with the hoisin sauce. I love hoisin sauce...yum.

Chicken in Anchovy Sauce - $11

I had never seen this dish before, so I was keen to try when Frankie suggested it. It didn't really taste anything like the anchovies that you usually get on pizzas. It was sweet and salty and really good. I would recommend this highly, although i didn't get to eat much of it cause I was stuffed from all of the other dishes.

If you are planning on opening a shop in Marrickville, I wouldn't suggest a Vietnamese restaurant, that's for sure. Maybe a bottle shop that is open past 8pm on a Monday night perhaps... One down twenty five to go!

Pho Bac Hai Duong
304 Illawarra Road
Ph: 9559 5078

Open Mon to Sun 10am - 9:30pm


Darlene said...

Aside from your description, everything in your photos looked so fresh and delicious. The chicken in anchovy sauce is a new dish to me as well. I'll be sure to look for it next time I'm in a Vietnamese restaurant. Your observation about the taste has my taste buds peaked.

Chubbypanda said...

Looks like you went to a Chinese-Vietnamese place. Looked good, though.

susan said...

Darlene - that's what I love about Vietnamese food is the freshness. Yeah if you see the anchovy dish definitely try it out.

Chubbypanda - I think most of the local type restaurants in Sydney are a combination of cuisines..

Squishy said...

Next time you do vietnamese try the sugar cane prawns wraps. Awesome!!!!!

susan said...

Hi Squishy - yes i have had the sugar cane prawn do it yourself wraps, they are delicious!