Friday, October 19, 2007

Greek Islands Taverna

Frankie and I tried to go to this place one night before on a Monday or Tuesday night and found that it was closed, so it was a Thursday night and knew for sure that it would be open. As you enter the restaurant which is down a side alley off the main street, you feel like you are in restaurant somewhere in Greece. The place is very colourful and welcoming. The menu is varied which is good, but also bad as it makes the decision of what to order tougher! There are a lot of mixed plates which were appealing, but they were for 4 people, and although we were hungry, we weren't that hungry! So we decided on getting a few hot and cold mezes to share.

Medium Greek Salad - $9

First to come out was our greek salad. You can't go to a greek restaurant and not get it, it is of course the best salad ever. Look at all those different colours and flavours in there. Yum! How good is feta cheese, well how good is cheese in general, but feta is definitely my favourite. Has to be good feta though, not the plasticky feta that you sometimes get in take away salads.

Taramosalata - $6.50

Look at that colourful dish of fish roe. It's making me hungry now. This was nice and thick and creamy. It came with some fresh bread to spread on, but i was spreading it on everything!

BBQ Octopus - $13

Now this is where the photos get a bit blurry. It could have been the wine, it could have been that i ddn't set the camera up properly, who knows all I know is that the food was good. You could really taste the chargrilled flavour of the octopus. It was also served in bit sized pieces which was great, cause nothing is more attractive than having a octopus tentacle sticking out from your mouth. After a while these became a bit tough though, so best to eat them early.

Saganaki - $not sure

The description of this was melt in your mouth cheese and melt it certainly did. I have never had this dish before and i am so glad we ordered it. It was a gooey lemony tomatoey taste sensation. As with the octopus though it is good to eat this fairly quickly while it is still stringy.

Chicken Liver - $not sure either

This was the last of our dishes. Normally the form in which I eat chicken livers are in a pate, which is the best, but this way was very good too. I love all this type of food where you can just pick at things and drink wine and then have a break and then eat some more. We were wondering if this was going to be enough, but ended up leaving a lot behind as we were stuffed!

My gorgeous Frankie

Greek Islands Taverna
Shop 2, 360 Homer Street
Earlwood, NSW
Tel: 02 9558 3334


Chubbypanda said...

The Greeks have fish paste? Why did I not know this before? Must try!

Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

I haven't been back here in ages. You've definitely given me a craving for Greek food though!

Great blog with lots of restaurants I haven't been to yet. Look forward to reading more :)

susan said...

chubbypanda - yes have you not tried this before?? please go out and get some now, it is the best!

helen - Thanks for the comment:)I read your post on it a couple of weeks before I went to the restaurant and realised it was the same place.

I love greek and lebanese food but always find that i always overeat when i go to restaurants like that. What can you do though....