Friday, October 12, 2007

Mamma Maria

So i got these free tickets in the mail the other day for the Joe Strummer movie - The future is unwritten, so decided to use them last night at the Dendy in Newtown. I had never been to the Dendy there before, and was amazed that you were acutally allowed to buy alcohol and bring it into the movie! The chick behind the counter was not amused when Frankie asked for a bottle of champagne and she said you can only get glasses, we don't want people drinking out of the bottle in the we were going to do that! Anyway the movie was really good and by the time it was finished we were ready to eat!

I don't really know Newtown that well, although there are heaps of places that I would love to try out, so I told Frankie to pick a place and he chose Mamma Maria. He had been there the week before with his parents and said it was really good. Also the movie finished about 9pm and this place is open until midnight, so we didn't have to rush our dinner either.

Crumbed Brains

Frankie said that we had to get this for an entree which i was happy about, cause I hadn't eaten brains for ages. When I was little and living in Albury there used to be this sandwich shop called Yums which we used to get sandwiches from all the time and my favourite were the brains, avocado and bacon. So good, anyway these brains were delicious. They were in a creamy tomato sauce with red capsicum and onion and garlic. Can't remember how much they cost but the food here was very reasonably priced.

Chicken Samir - $15.90

For mains I got the Chicken stuffed with ricotta and something else. Can't really remember the particulars, but I remember that it was damn good. The sauce was tomatoey (is that a word?) and garlicky and really good. The vegetables were cooked to perfection also and seasoned just right. I always love a meal where I don't have to add any salt and pepper to, and i love my salt too.

Veal Dawn - $15.90

Frankie went for the Veal Dawn which was stuffed with mushrooms and artichokes and had a creamy mushroom sauce. I tried a bit of his and it was very nice, although i was glad i went for the choice that i did.

Greek Salad

We also ordered a greek salad (at an Italian restaurant i know) which was good, not the best i have ever had, but it was still good. This was a medium sized salad too, which was plenty for the two of us. We also got some garlic bread, which reminded me a bit of pizza hut garlic bread, but
better. It was BYO as well, which is always a selling point for me. Overall a very good restaurant, a very family feel to it also and cosy. I will be looking forward to going back!

Mamma Maria
239 King Street (Cnr Church St)

Ph: 9516 4428
Open Dinner Mon to Sat 6pm - Midnight

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