Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sydney Food and Wine Fair

I was quite worried the day before the food and wine fair as the weather was terrible, but luckily for me and everyone else heading to Hyde Park, it turned out to be a beautiful day.

Mum and Dad met me at my apartment and then we caught a taxi to Hyde Park. We got there about 11:15 (we weren't eager or anything...), but it was a good idea that we did cause it gave us a chance to look at all the stalls and see what they were offering without panicking that everything was going to sell out. We were also able to get a nice table in part shade part sun. So it came to 11:55 and mum urged me to get in the line for food before the queues started getting big. So I was in charge of food and Dad went off to get the wine. I had spotted a few things I would like to try, but when I saw Arun Thai's offering of crispy chicken with sticky rice and papaya salad I was sold.

4 coupons - $10

Luckily Mum told me to go when i did cause when i asked for 3 orders of this i turned around and there was already a big queue. This was so good! I hadn't had papaya salad since I had been in Thailand and i must say that this is one of the best that I have had. It was so spicy which was good, cause I hate it when they don't make food as spicy as it should be to try and accommodate non spicy liking people. It was well worth the $10 as well.

4 coupons - $10

Another thing that i saw while wandering around was the scallop and noodle salad with pork belly and you get a cocktail with it, from Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay. I thought that was a bargain until i saw it. Luckily Mum got it before I did! So I was on to find something else and felt like something light after the Arun Thai meal, so I thought Oysters!

4 coupons - $10

Now I am not sure if these were from Sailor's Thai or Salon Blanc, I thought Sailor's Thai, but they were both next to each other and I got a bit confused. There was nothing really to rave about this though. Oysters with just lemon would have been a lot nicer.

4 Coupons - $10

Dad finished with these rice paper roll type things from Prasits/Northside Thai. They were filled with pork and prawn and noodles, and they were absolutely delicious.

4 Coupons - $10

Mum finished her savoury items with this sampler plate. I am not too sure where she got it from, but as she doesn't like beetroot she gave me the item with beetroot. It tasted really good with the sweetness of the beetroot and apple and creaminess of the feta.

1 coupon each - $5

I had walked past the Bourke St Bakery stall a few times and saw the array of tarts they had on offer and knew what i was going to get for dessert. I heard someone else ordering and they told them the tarts were 1 coupon each, so I decided to get 2! The one on the left was a chocolate mousse and raspberry and the one on the right was lemon curd. These were delicious. They just melted in your mouth. Very light as well.

3 Coupons - $7.50

Mum got her dessert from either Milsons or Verandah (again with the confusing signage). It was a panacotta with mixed summer berries. The panacotta had a coconut milk flavour which was nice, but the blueberries were less than desirable.
That was it from the food side of things and we were still left with a lot of coupons, they were not put to waste though with all the different wine stalls!

Sydney Food and Wine Fair
Hyde Park
Annually on the Last Saturday in October


Chubbypanda said...

Mmmm... Looks lush.

Lorraine E said...

I can't believe that I just missed out on one of those Bourke Street Bakery tarts. They looked so good!

susan said...

Hi Chubbypanda - it was. so many different things to choose from though, it can be tough..

Hi Lorraine - oh they were the best tarts i have ever had. I will be looking out for them the next time i go to their store.