Monday, December 20, 2010

Cafe Sopra 2

Cafe Sopra has to be one of my favourite restaurants in Sydney. I have previously blogged about it here. I have never had a bad meal there, I just wish you could book a table! Especially since we had to drive back to Canberra after lunch and didn't want to be waiting too long for a table.
We planned on getting there just before 12, so we could get a good table, but the traffic from Parramatta to Waterloo was terrible. So we ended up arriving close to 1pm..
We went up past Fratelli Fresh, where a cooking class was going on, and put our names down for a table. The wait didn't end up being too bad, being only about 20 mins. We did have to share a table, but there was only another couple at the other end of the table, so we ended up having more room than if we had a table to ourselves. The table was right in front of the menu board too, which meant we could take a bit more time looking at all the options they had, rather than standing in front of it wondering if we were in anyone else's way.

It's best to get there early if you want to have your pick from the menu, as items do sell out. There were a couple of things already crossed off the board when we got there, and a few more things were crossed off as we got up to leave.

I think everything is really well priced here too for the quantity and quality that you get. They also have carafes of Italian wines which are so cheap and easy to drink.

Zucchini Flowers stuffed with 5 Italian cheeses - $4.50 each

We decided to start off with a zucchini flower each. These were so delicious and piping hot! The cheese was very creamy and I would definitely only be able to eat one of these. I am not sure what all the different cheeses were either.

At this point I remember reading somewhere that someone said that they got asked not to take photos here, so I was quite hesitant with my photo taking from this point...(no one asked me to not take photos by the way...)

Meatballs with Tomato Sauce - $20

These meatballs were huge! They were unlike any meatball I had had before either. I am pretty sure they had cumin in them, there was a curry like quality to them. The pasta was so good too. We ended up buying a packet of this pasta from the shop as well.

Papperdelle with Salsicce and Peas - $18

Frankie went with the Papperdelle. I was tossing up whether to get this, so I am glad he chose it. How delicious does that look! It was all mixed together perfectly so that you got a bit of everything with each bite.

I really wanted to order a dessert at the beginning of the meal, but after eating the pastas, mixed with the zucchini flowers, I was almost bursting!

I think next time we will get one pasta and a salad to share, so I can try that banoffe pie!

They also have other outlets around the city, but I have never been. After lunch we went to Fratelli fresh and bought lots of fruit and veggies to take back to Canberra with us. All the fruit was so lovely and sweet and not expensive at all.

Cafe Sopra
7 Danks Street
Waterloo NSW
No bookings allowed


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe interesting about the photo taking. I didn't have any trouble when I went there but I have read others have! :)

Simon Food Favourites said...

i'll have to try the stuffed Zucchini Flowers next time, they look so good. they don't like people taking photos so you're lucky they didn't really spot you although perhaps this rule has changed or it depends who spots you taking a photo. :-)

Anna Johnston said...

Oh wow..., the Papperdelle looks incredible. Glad you persisted & got a table...., sounds like this place is totally worth it huh.

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Oh my, I wanna eat the papperdelle right now.