Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bavarian Bier Cafe - Parramatta

We were in Sydney a couple of weeks ago for a wedding in the Parramatta area. I had not been to Parra for ages, about 8 years I think when I used to work there. It hadn't changed too much, but I did notice a lot of restaurants down the main street. Although maybe I am not used to the abundance of restaurants in coming from a place like Canberra.

I did walk to the Parramatta Westfield too, which was massive, and I have never seen so many women with prams! I am not talking single prams either, most of them had space for at least 2 children.

It's always tough trying to find restaurants to go to when we come back to Sydney, as there are so many different ones I want to try. We always try and go to places that you can't get that type of food in, in Canberra, which is a lot.. Sydney is definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to food.

We hadn't had German food for ages, so while we were on our way to Sydney we called up the Bavarian bier cafe and booked a table for two!

The weather in Sydney that day was terrible, as it had been for all of the week, so it wasn't pleasant walking around the streets. Luckily our hotel was in the same street as the restaurant, so we didn't have far to go.

There are a couple of entrances to the place and we happened to walk in the wrong one where there was a function going on. I saw a bouncer there and thought it was quite strange for a restaurant to have a bouncer...

Once we found the right entrance, we were seated in a booth with very comfortable chairs. I could have sat there all afternoon, and then we got some beers! I love Weissbier and I usually get the mango flavoured one to start and then move onto the real stuff, but as I didn't want to have too much to drink, as we had a wedding to go to, I just got the one beer.

I wanted to get a pork knuckle, but I couldn't see it on the menu, unless I totally missed it, so I went with the tasting platter instead.

Bavarian Tasting Platter - $25.50

This was so good and well priced I thought! I loved all the different types of sausages on the plate and the sauerkraut was amazing. It all went so well together.

White sausage with mash underneath

Crispy Pork belly and Schnitzel. The pork belly wasn't melt in your mouth tender, but it was pretty close and the crackling was delicious and crispy. The schnitzel was probably the tastiest one I have had too and was so moist. I would definitely order this again.

Garden Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette - $11

We also decided to get a salad, as the food was quite heavy that we needed something healthy to go with. The salad was nothing fancy, but had heaps of veggies in it which was great.

Wiener Schnitzel with Sauteed Potatoes and Herb Mayonnaise - $27

Frankie went with the classic veal schnitzel. He said it was lovely. I didn't try any cause I already had schnitzel on my tasting platter and didn't want to use up more space with more schnitzel! i tried the sauteed potatoes, but they weren't really to my liking.

Luckily just before the wedding the weather cleared up for the day. The ceremony was scheduled to be in a park, so no alternative arrangements had to be made!

Bavarian Bier Cafe - Parramatta
2 - 8 Phillip Street
Ph: 02 8836 1400


Susan: My Food Obsession said...

Yummo! That porks looks delicious!

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

I must remember this place - Mr BBB would LOVE IT!!!

Anna Johnston said...

Susan... this looks awesome. I agree with you about finding an interesting restaurant when your parked in the suburbs of one of our cities..., good choice with this one though, we'd have loved it too.