Monday, May 19, 2008

Schonegg Country Guesthouse

A couple of weekends ago was Mother's Day, and as my parents are now out near Canberra, I drove there on Sat to help cook dinner with my sister, at her and her husband's place in Belconnen, for the Sat night and then on Sunday Mum, Dad, and I went out to lunch to a beautiful guesthouse in Murrumbateman.

It was a set menu of course, which seems to be the norm on special days like these. The deal today was 2 courses for $55 or 3 courses for $68, we went for 3! We all also got a complimentary glass of champagne, which was great.

For starters our bread came out in a cute pot plant. It was fresh out of the oven and was really light and tasty. It had a mustard seed flavour to it and came out with rosemary infused oil and butter. It was so good. I could have eaten heaps more, but then i wouldn't have been able to eat anything else!

A short while after this our entrees arrived.

I started with the ravioli which was stuffed with pumpkin and had a balsamic glaze to it. It was quite nice, but i found the pasta a bit too thick for my liking and it needed more seasoning.

Mum had the smoked salmon which i tried and was great. You can't go wrong with a crepe filled with smoked salmon and cream cheese!

Dad had the prawn and calamari salad which was served in a crunchy pastry shell. I didn't try this, but Dad thought it was very good.

For main both Mum and I got the Lamb Rump with Sweet Potato mash. This was so so good. Very big portion too, which was good and bad, good cause it tasted so good, but bad cause it meant i had to eat all of it! The vegetables were perfectly cooked too. Snow peas were one of the best snow peas i have tasted in ages.

Dad went with the steak which looked very attractive with it's festive colours!

For dessert I chose the apple ice cream, which was very nice, but too much for me cause i was quite full. It wasn't really a creamy ice cream, more of an icy one though. The owner said that they got the apples from Helm Winery, cause they had an overflow of apples. So it was good to see they were using local produce.

Mum went with the coconut malibu mousse which tasted really good.

The best dessert though was dad's white and dark chocolate tart. If i hadn't have been so full i would have definitely finished this off for him!

Mum and I also got a small box of lindt lindor balls, which just happen to be my favourite chocolates in the world, so that was great.


Mum and Me

Mum also bought herself a little mother's day present. A tiny little dog called Missy! She's so cute! Jack and Charlie were very excited to have a baby sister...

Happy Mothers Day Mum xx

Country Guesthouse Schonegg
381 Hillview Drive
(en route to Helm winery)
Murrumbateman NSW 2582


Lorraine E said...

How cute is that bread in the pot plant!? Looks like a lovely Mother's Day! :)

susan said...

I know, the bread was so good and warm too. Freshly baked bread is the best. It was a great Mother's Day thanks :)