Monday, May 5, 2008

Erciyes Restaurant

It has been a while since i have been on here pretty much due to the fact that i have been busy finding a place to live and moving. I have now settled into my own place after my psycho flatmate practically kicked me out of our apartment because she was lonely. And if that wasn't bad enough she decided to steal my bond from me. So no more sharing with strangers again!! I guess it was a blessing though, cause i am 100 times happier now.

Anyway onto the food. Frankie and I went to this restaurant a few weeks ago now. I have always walked past Ericyes but never gone in or bought any food from there. I didn't realise how massive the restaurant part was, I always thought it was just a take away place.

Small Mixed Dips Platter - $14

We started off with a small mixed dips platter. One of my favourite things to eat would be dips and nice bread. It's very moreish though, so can sometimes be a problem. Now because it was so long ago i am going to have a guess at what each one was going from left to right - Carrot, Baba Ganoush, Beetroot, Hommus, Parsley, Cacik (cucumber, garlic, mint and yoghurt), and Chilli. Now the first and last ones could be interchangable, cause they were both very similar colours. They were all really good and tasty though and a pretty big helping for $14. You can get individual ones for $7 each, or 6 different for $14...which would you choose?

It also came with a big basket of warm turkish bread cut into pieces perfect for dipping. I am sure they would have replenished our basket too if we had run out, but that was plenty of bread for the 2 of us.

Mixed Grill Platter - $26

For our mains we shared a mixed grill platter, which also came with rice and salad. The platter looked and tasted awesome. On the platter was a mixture of kofte, lamb cutlets, and chicken and lamb shish. The meat was really tender too. Good size to share also.

Tabouli - $7

We also got a side of tabouli, which i think we could have done without. I have never been the biggest fan of tabouli, but love it in kebabs. This one was just ok. Next time i will have to try one of their vegetarian sides instead like stuffed eggplant!

The restaurant also has a belly dancer on fri and sat nights, as do most of the lebanese places on crown street. They do banquets too (which we were wanting to get, but it's a minimum of 4 people) which i always think is really good value for this type of food.

Ericyes Restaurant
409 Cleveland Street
Surry Hills NSW

Ph: 9319 1309
Open 7 days a week from 11am to Midnight


Darlene said...

Congratulations on your new place!

The Cacik dip sounds wonderful and looks so pretty with the other dips.

susan said...

Hi Darlene

Thanks, I am loving living on my own!

The dips were so good. I could have just had that as my main meal.