Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This is just a quick one. Frankie and I went on a day trip to cabramatta (the Vietnamese Capital of Sydney) last weekend, as i had never been there.

Let me tell you it's harder to park there than in the city! You will be very lucky to find a parking spot close to the main strip.

It's so good there though, you feel like you are in Vietnam with the amount of fresh food and cooked food that is sold there. I have never seen so many places selling pork rolls. So cheap too. Where else in sydney can you get a baguette with lots of fresh and tasty fillings for 3 bucks! I have only been to Hong Ha for pork rolls, cause it's close to work, but here there are so many different fillings you can get.

We were going to get a pork roll for lunch but saw this restaurant that had nice outdoor seating and wasn't too packed (unlike most of the places there). Also after walking around through the crowds we just wanted to sit down and enjoy our lunch.

Pork Chop, w/ Shredded Pork and Egg and Rice - $9.50

Frankie went with the Pork Chop. I tasted some of it too and it was really good. Nice and tender. Look how good that egg looks too. I will be getting that next time!

Crispy Chicken w/Tomato Rice - $9.50

I went with the crispy chicken, which was also very good, although you don't get too much chicken on there and it's quite fiddly. Both meals came with a nice hot clear soup as well, which i love. The soup is always so good. I remember when i went to Thailand and ordered from food courts you would get a soup as well.

I just wish Cabramatta wasn't so far away and hard to park at, otherwise i would be there every day!


Walter said...

It's worth the trip Susan! Though I'll admit, I actually live here, so it's a question of walking.
Re. parking, don't even attempt to get close - you just cause yourself heartache, and if you get stuck in that multi-storey carpark you can be gone for days. I always tell friends to park around the Cabra Vale park and the Catholic church and take a leisurely three minute stroll into the mall. There are always parks on Bartley Street.
Great post - come to Cabra more!

susan said...

Hi Walter - Yes it is definitely worth the trip. We had gone there just after breakfast, so when we got there we weren't that hungry, but i wanted to try everything. I will have to make sure that next time i go on an empty stomach with a shopping list!

I think we parked on that street. Where the train line is and there is a park opposite. Would be much easier if you lived there though!