Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I had a couple of my friends over last Saturday to check out my new place have a few drinks, and then go out for dinner in Newtown. We had nothing planned, so we just walked along the streets for a bit when I thought of a place that I have been wanting to try.

I was watching the food safari series and they did an episode on Sri Lankan Food and had these stringhopper things which looked really interesting, so i did a search of sri lankan restaurants close to me, and Kammadhenu was the closest.

The menu is huge and is a combination of Sri Lankan, Indian, Malaysian, and Indo Chinese Food. The prices are very very reasonable too! The first page has a list of snacks which includes

We found the place on King Street and walked in and asked for a table for 3, we were told there were no tables downstairs and that we would have to go upstairs. So we waited for someone to take us upstairs, but apparently they meant for us to go upstairs ourselves and find a table.... Let me tell you the atmosphere downstairs from upstairs is very different. I would recommend if you are coming here to book a table downstairs. Apart from the erratic service, the food was very good, apart from the goat which was more bones than meat.

You really can't complain though when you order a smörgåsbord of food for 3 people for about $20/head and can't eat it all.

Tandoori Chicken

Masala Dosai


Butter Chicken

Lamb Rogan Josh

Goat Curry


171 King Street
Newtown NSW
Ph: 9550 2611

Open 7 days 11am - 11pm


Iron Chef Shellie said...

mmmmm.... butter chicken!!

hope the chocolate pots turn out well! =D

susan said...

hey shellie
the chocolate pots worked out well thanks. so easy! i couldn't believe how much chocolate went into it though, i thought a block of lindt was 200grams, but it was only 100!

Anonymous said...

eeep, those aren't stringhoppers, they're just hoppers. stringhoppers are totally different, they're well, stringy :)