Friday, August 17, 2007


Well I am back from my 3 week holiday in Thailand and am finally getting around to posting up all of my photos. I didn't take photos of every single thing that I ate, otherwise I would be posting forever! We started off in the food paradise of Bangkok. Last time I came here I remembered that the food courts were an excellent place to eat, because you could get any type of cuisine you wanted. Last time I only ventured to the MBK Shopping Centre food court, but by the end of this trip we ate in a few different other ones as well. I didn't take too many photos though, cause we didn't realise that you aren't allowed to take photos in them for some reason. Strange, anyway we were staying in a hotel in Silom and in a street near the hotel was a market that was on every day and then by night it was totally cleared away.

Thai Pancakes

These were the best. I could eat these every day. They were a roti pancake mixture and then you could choose what you wanted on them. The flavours that I tried all had banana in the middle of them and then had one with chocolate sauce, one with nutella and my favourite of sugar and condensed milk. They would cut them up into little squares and give you toothpicks to eat them with. Oh they were so good and cost less than $1.

Near Silom road I had read about this street which was called Thaniya, which was pretty much lined up with Japanese restaurants and clubs and also my favourite Japanese street food. Takoyaki.

I love watching this being made, i think my friend was getting sick of it, but i just love how it starts as the mixture on the left and then turns into these perfect balls of goodness. I wouldn't want to be her though cooking this in the heat of Bangkok. She was also cooking up okonomyaki which is another of my faves.

So when I went to the MBK last time I went to the food court there, so I said to my friend we would go there again. When I got there I somehow ended up at another food court, called 5th Avenue, which was definitely not there when I was there last time, but it looked a whole lot classier. They give you these cards, like credit cards, and then you go around to a station and choose what you want and they put it on the card, and then you pay at the end. Each station was a different type of cuisine too, so you could order as many different types of food that you wanted.

So I ordered some fresh Vietnamese spring rolls for us to share. They looked a bit different from the norm, but thought we would try them anyway. They tasted totally different from what I was used to. These ones had Thai basil in them, which my friend didn't really like. They were nice, but I prefer them the traditional way. I had also read somewhere, can't remember where, about a dish which is served with crispy rice cakes. So when I saw it I just had to get it!

This was so good and so filling and cost me under $2. I was well impressed. The rice cakes came with a Malaysian peanut sauce which had chicken in it, which was delicious. Next stop Chiang Mai!


Chubbypanda said...

Oooh... I'm drooling.

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What was the item with the crispy cakes?