Friday, April 15, 2011

Flourless Chocolate Almond Cake

I saw this cake on this wonderful site and thought it looked like a fantastic cake. I am really into flourless cakes at the moment and find them a lot moister and less filling than something laiden with flour.

I liked the addition of the almond essence as well, as it just brought something different to the cake. I am sure you could use an almond flavoured liquor instead, or any other type of flavoured liquor if you are not into almond.

I was planning to make this for my Dad's 60th in which we were going to be travelling back from Sydney on the day, so had to make something a couple of days before and this worked perfectly. I made it a few weeks before his birthday too, just to make sure it was good, and of course it was. Like I had any doubt in Lisa recipes! Frankie and I had a few pieces before I sent the rest of it to work with him where it went down very well.

For Dad's birthday I served it with some creme fraiche which cut the sweetness of the cake very well. Although I would be happy to eat with cream or ice cream or just by itself.

All the ingredients for the cake, and yes my eggs are dirty, that's cause my parents have chickens. Oh the joys of fresh eggs :)

First melting the butter and chocolate in a saucepan on very low heat.

In a separate bowl mix together sugar, cocoa, and almond essence

Then add the chocolate mixture to it and mix well

Add both the hazelnut and almond meal

Then add one egg at a time mixing well after each egg.....

...until the mixture looks something like this.

Then put into a greased springform pan (with a sheet of baking paper on the bottom)

Wait for it to cool and then put it onto a plate and eat up!

You can find the fabulous recipe here without my fabulous plating skills!



Dumpling Girl said...

Looks lovely, I like the addition of hazelnut meal. I prefer flourless chocolate cakes too :)

Andrea said...

That sure looks yummy. There are a few people at work who are gluten-intolerant, so this would be good for them. Have a great weekend!

Hannah said...

Lisa's blog does have lots of tastiness, doesn't it? Ooh, maybe I could make it, and then Fiona could, and it would become that Canberran Cake! :P

Anna Johnston said...

Oh yes Susan, I did see this awesome cake on Lisa's blog too & thought it looked really moist & light, a perfect dessert to a nice dinner a little flour-less chocolate cake, I agree :)

Maria said...

I love this, chocolate and almond cake is always a winner and this looks so delicious!

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Flourless cakes are always so moist! Yours looks delicious!

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

ooooh I am so glad that you liked it!! It really is a tasty treat ! So rich!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

That looks really lovely and rich! :D