Friday, February 27, 2009

Serai on Cleveland

I am back! Well we will see how long for... I have been unmotivated and stopped taking pictures when going to eat out, but after hearing that a few people were wondering what had happened to my blog, I am going to try again and see how I go. I have a few photos from places that I went a while ago, so I am going to start with these...but will be hard pressed to remember exact details as it was so long ago!

Frankie and I were going out for dinner in Surry Hills one night. I think we had planned to go to a different restaurant but when we walked past this place we thought we would try it out instead! The place was empty except for us but the menu looked good and affordable and we hadn't had Malaysian for a while.

Satay Skewers - $8

We decided to start off with satay! You can't go to a Malaysian restaurant and not get satay. Usually the chicken is quite flat and small, but this was plump and juicy (just the way I like it). The sauce was excellent as well!

Satay Closeup

Rojak - $8

I had never had Rojak before and had seen it being made on Food Safari and thought it looked delicious. Although this wasn't exactly like what i saw it was still very delicious. I think I had a peanut sauce overload!

Beef Rendang - $13.90

As well as satay you always have to get rendang and this was delicious and so cheap! The meat was fall apart in your mouth, as it should be.

Salad - $1.50

We also got a salad, you may ask why, well it was $1.50! I have never seen a salad anywhere for that price, so of course we had to get it. The one behind was Achar Awak (spicy mixed vegetable pickle) which was also $1.50.

They have a few house specialties as well which would be great to try, like fish head curry! I think you have to let them know 24 hours before or something whether you are going to order it though, so make sure you do if that's what you're going to order! I would definitely recommend this place and would come back again. So good food and very cheap!

421 Cleveland Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010


Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Welcome back! :) I've seen this place but never gone in. Good to know that the rendang is good. And $1.50 for salad? I would have ordered that too to see what it was like.

susan said...

Hi Lorraine
Thanks for that! I thought it was time to get back in it instead of just reading other people's blogs... The salad was really good too! Can't beat that price!

Anonymous said...

fish head ?

SoRMuiJAi said...

Great choice to start your blogging with, I might just have to visit! ;)

Welcome back!

susan said...

Hi Anon - Yes Fish Head Curry. I have never tried one myself, but I am sure it would be very tasty!

Hi Sormuijai - Thanks! It's good to be back. Yes you def have to visit. Very good affordable malaysian food.

jacksidhu said...

very very ordinary ~ food was bland the place was literally empty more like it was cheap n ordinary wont b rushing there 2 soon ......