Monday, August 11, 2008

Lagoon Restaurant Wollongong

On Saturday we decided to go for a day trip to Wollongong to have a nice seafood lunch. I had never been to Wollongong before (at least not that I can remember). We booked the restaurant on the Friday and as we were nearing to Wollongong we both realised that we had no idea where the restaurant was. We knew it was near the water, so we headed in that direction and luckily we saw a sign for it.

We arrived a bit early, but that seemed to be ok. The place was pretty empty, but was full by the time that we left. The chairs in the place were so comfortable. Chairs are really important i think and places that have really comfortable chairs get two thumbs up from me!

We knew exactly what we were going to get before we even arrived. The seafood platter for 2! We ordered a "few" drinks and waited for the platter to arrive.

The seafood platter itself was $155 which is probably the price that you pay in Sydney for a platter in one of the restaurants by the water there, but a lot of the restaurants in Wollongong were this price or even more expensive. It was worth it though, cause the seafood was perfect and there was heaps of it. A lot of platters are arranged with lots of fillers like chips and salads, but this only had a small amount of rice on it, which was beautiful rice by the way. Tasted like the hainan chicken rice, yum!

What I also liked about the platter was that everything had different flavours to it. The seafood wasn't just cooked plain and thrown on there.

There were oysters natural, oysters kilpatrick and oysters mornay, lobster mornay, moreton bay bugs, prawns fresh, in a cheesy sauce and battered in a herb batter, scallops with an Asian/lemongrass sauce, squid that was cooked in an Asian sticky sauce, salt and pepper calamari, smoked salmon, fresh crab and heaps more

The restaurant was beautiful as well with views out to the lagoon. Would be perfect on any type of day.

There are heaps of other seafood dishes as well as meat/poultry to choose from, and I saw a few of them coming out and decided we would have to come back again to try them out!

Lagoon Restaurant
Stuart Park
North Wollongong
Ph 4226 1677

Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 7 days a week


Christie @ fig & cherry said...

Looks delicious! Not sure about the long drive to Woollongong though ;)

susan said...

Hi Christie
It was delicious! I think it is worth the trip, the drive along the water is so beautiful too. It's surprising how close Wollongong is to Sydney as well.

Syrie said...

Wow, looks fantastic. I wouldn't have expected this sort of thing from the Gong but I guess it has changed a bit since I was there. Love seafood platters especially if their done well.

susan said...

Hi Syrie
There seem to be a lot of nice places to eat in Wollongong. It's so peaceful there too. Nice to get away from the crowds of Sydney. Seafood platters are the best, as long as all the seafood isn't battered and fried!

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

I haven't been to Wollongong in ages, like over a decade but I like the idea of short drives to places to spend a day. The seafood looks spectacular I must say!

Simon Food Favourites said...

looks like you love your seafood. this platter looks pretty good. possibly enough for 3 people even? :-)