Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Codfather

My friend recently moved to Stanmore...well a year ago now! Across from her place we noticed this small restaurant, which was called the Codfather. She had never tried it, as she doesn't eat seafood, but it looked quite cool so Frankie and I decided we had to try it out one day.

We booked for a Friday night, on the actual Friday, so we didn't get a booking until about 8:30pm. We arrived around that time and had to sit outside while we waited for our table to become free...30 mins later we were in!

Now i don't remember too much of this food, as it was so long ago, but one thing i do remember was that it wasn't great, just nice. The maitre d wasn't the most attentive person either. He seemed like he was panicking all night about nothing and then when we were ready to hand in our bill, he made a gesture to just leave it on the table as he was too busy having a chat and drink with one of his friends! The waitresses were lovely though!

The price was a set deal sort of thing where you got 2 courses for $35 or 3 courses for $45 and there were some dishes that added extra onto the price if you got them. The price was something like that. Can't remember exactly.

Please excuse the photos too as they were taken with my mobile..

Amuse Bouche - Can't really remember what this was..

Cod Placemat

Zucchini Flowers

Scallops with black couscous and beetroot - Frankie liked this one


Barramundi with Thai salad

Frankie's fish dish

Polenta chips with Aioli - these were really good!


The Codfather
83 Percival Street
Stanmore NSW
Ph: 9568 3355

Open Tue - Sat 5pm - 9:30pm
Sunday noon - 3pm


Lorraine@NotQuiteNigella said...

Hehe love that name! I've never seen black couscous before. Did you try it and if so, what was it like? :)

susan said...

Hi Lorraine
Yeah it's a good name. I did try the couscous, but i can't remember too much about it. I don't know if i would rush out and make it though...