Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Malaya

Last Sunday was Frankie and my 1 year anniversary! So we decided to go to the restaurant where we had our first date, The Malaya! We got a nice table on the balcony (i think this is the only place where they have tables for 2). The place was packed, but it seemed a lot of people were finishing up their meals so the kitchen looked really relaxed. As soon as the people finishing were out new people were in. The food comes out so quick that the turnover at this place is massive.

We had a look at the menu and decided to go with one of the banquets (the only one that has a minimum of 2 people) cause most of the items in there were things we were thinking about getting anyway. This set menu was $48 per person, which i thought was quite reasonable for how good the food is here.

Otak Otak

First to come was the Otak Otak. Minced white fish fillets with chilli and spices, steamed in banana leaf. This is so good it just melts in your mouth.

Satay Chicken

Satay chicken was next. Can i just say again how fast the food comes out here. If you have limited time for dinner, this is the place to come! The satay sauce was a lot redder than usual, which i thought meant it was going to be really spicy, but it was perfect. The chicken was so tender too.


The last of our entrees was the popiah. Which pretty much tastes to me like a fresh vietnamese spring roll with a thicker casing. Which means it was awesome, cause i love those spring rolls. Especially the hoisin like sauce that comes with it. So sweet and sticky.

The first of the mains, which came pretty much after we had finished our entrees was the prawns kapitan.

King Prawns Kapitan

This was a penang style curry with lightly battered prawns. This was sooo good. There weren't too many prawns, but that was ok, cause there was so much food we would have just wasted it.

Szechuan Eggplant

Next was my favourite dish, the eggplant. I think there wasn't as much eggplant on it this time though...maybe cause it was part of the set menu. You have to get this if you ever go to the malaya. Now this is where i did something stupid. I decided that i would try one of the chillis. Big mistake. I nearly died. I thought I had a high chilli tolerance, but i was mistaken. I seriously wanted to cry.

The culprit!

After reading my last post on the malaya a couple of days after this visit I realised that I was warned the first time not to eat it... If only I had read that post before that night. Oh well, I will remember for next time!


Finally came out our last dishes of Roti and Malaya Beef Curry.

Malaya Beef Curry

By this time I was full to the brim, but had to try it, so I did and it was very very good. The beef so tender. I wish I had more room to have fit this in, but there was no way.



I think this place is very good for groups, as the place was packed with large groups. Not the best for a romantic dinner, but the food is so good.

Happy Anniversary xx

The Malaya
39 Lime Street
King St Wharf

Open 12pm - 3pm Mon to Sat
6pm - 9pm Mon and Sun
6pm - 10pm Tue to Sat


Iron Chef Shellie said...

awww congrats to you and Frankie!
mmmm....Malaysian food! The beef curry is making my mouth water!!

susan said...

Hi Shellie
thanks :) yes it was very good. I wish they had brought the beef out at the same time as the rest of the mains so i wasn't so full!

cla said...

oh.. i can kill for a prata now... i know you said the curry was good... was the roti good?

the one in chinta ria and mamak was avearge... when i pay $7 for something i get for $0.50 back in asia... i demand it to be more than average.... haha

susan said...

Hi Cla
Yes the roti was good, but this was the first time i have had it, so i have nothing to really compare it to. If you haven't been there I would really recommend it!

SoRMuiJAi said...

Damn I am so hungry looking at those photos!!! The banquet for 2 is fantastic value. The last time I got that we had to roll out of the restaurant.

My only complaint would be that the roti and beef rendang came out last because they wait for you to finish EVERYTHING else before they bring it out. By that stage I was stuffed eating the eggplant and prawn curry with mass amounts of rice. And when the beef came out, I wanted roti AND rice to go with it *^_^* hehehe Maybe I am just too greedy?

susan said...

Hi Sormuijai
Yeah i thought it was really good value too. Why don't they bring it all out together?? We are getting it anyway so there is no point holding it back so we can't enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

what a great seafood plater . Wish i can go there tonight.I think $155.00 is very reasonable keep up the good work susan.