Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Last week Dad was in Sydney for a seminar, so I met up with him last Thursday for a dinner in Chinatown. I had nowhere specific in mind to go, so we walked around for a bit before deciding on a place to go. We then spotted this Korean BBQ restaurant and decided to give it a go. It was pretty cool and warehouse like inside and I noticed we were the only Caucasian people there too, so i thought it was going to be really good.

So we were given our big menus (filled with pictures, which I love) and told to press the button on the corner of the table when we were ready to order. We were also given a flask of iced water and 2 almost shot glasses to drink out of. There was hardly any water in the flask too, cause it was mostly frozen...

We tried to get some advice from our waitress on what to order, but we had no luck at all, so we just went with what we thought would be good. We got a seafood pancake for entree and then were going to share a hot pot for main. Although the hot pot came out first cause she forgot about the pancake.

Seafood Pancake - $15

This pancake was huge! I have never seen a bigger pancake. Saying this though, bigger is not always better. It was quite doughy inside and wasn't cooked properly in the middle. It was very bland too and needed a lot of sauce to make it tasty (which we only got a tiny amount of). There was hardly any seafood in it as well, just a few of those mussels that you get in a tin! Wasn't very impressed.

We were also given our complimentary banchan which is always very good.

Sweet Potato - yum!

Bean Sprouts


Kim Chi

Seafood Hotpot - $40

Finally our seafood hotpot was ready to eat. This was ok. There was a lot of squid in it, but not too much of anything else. There were 2 prawns in which still had the shell on it that were quite hard to peel and also a bit of fish with heaps of bones in them, which I steered clear from!

I felt like we needed a squeezy bottle of sauce on the table or something to give it a bit of flavour. I don't think I will be coming back here again. Stick to the Korean place in Glebe!

68 Liverpool Street
Ph: 9283 8077


SoRMuiJAi said...

If you want great Korean, there's 2 just down the road from Kobow. BBQ city, which is upstairs and opposite V-Bar, and Sydney Madang which is a few shops up on pitt st in a side alley.



The Kim Chi pancake is FANTASTIC at both places. They have a wonderful soft tofu stew, fish roe stew and BBQ'd stuff. Their side dishes are also really good and free/unlimited :D

susan said...

Hi Sormuijai
Yeah i have heard of the Sydney Madang restaurant before, but thought it was hard to get a table there? I will have to try some time though. Thanks for the suggestions!

SoRMuiJAi said...

I haven't had problems getting a seat on a weeknight. Fri-Sundays are a bit harder, but I haven't waited more than 30mins-45mins for a table. They have seats outside the restaurant in the alley way for you to sit and wait. Just becareful of cars going in and out of there! The food is worth the wait though.

You can always go around the corner to BBQ city which seems to have more tables. Both have equally good food, I can't choose! :)

susan said...

I will have to try on a weeknight then. I am not a big fan of waiting for tables unless there is a bar to sit at while you wait!