Monday, January 17, 2011

Garden Update

If you remember a few months ago I was given these fundraising herbs from my mum, where you were to open the packet, sow the seeds, water and then wait for the herbs to grow. Well this never really happened! I think the basil started to grow a bit and then just stopped and then we had heaps of rain and they got flooded, so I chucked them out!

So anyway I had this garden bed in my garden that I had been meaning to turn into a vegetable patch ever since we moved in. Although 8 months later and it was still laying there untouched. I have never planted vegetables before, so I had no idea what to do. Then Mum came over one day and took me to Magnet Mart and we got all the supplies to start my new garden!

So this is what it looked like below when we had planted and watered everything:

Here are the cucumber and zucchini plants

In the front is corn and at the back are some tomato plants

There are some capsicum plants and carrot plants there too

And this is what it looks like now! We did have some heavy rain about a month ago and also when I put the snail pellets on the garden (pet friendly of course), our dog decided that these were very tasty and decided to eat all of them and trample on a few things. The next door neighbours also have a massive plum tree and one of the branches broke and plums went everywhere. They are attracting a lot of bugs and flies as well which isn't nice.

So as a result of both of these things, I lost the carrot plants (but planted lettuce instead) and the colourful flowers died. The capsicum isn't doing as well as the other plants either, so not sure what's going on there.

The zucchini and cucumber are going strong

The start of a new cucumber. Hopefully it will grow bigger and we can eat it!

The lettuce is growing very well and have picked some and it is lovely.

The corn has shot up as well. Mum has corn in her garden and it's a lot taller than mine, so I still think I have a while to go before it produces anything

The tomato plant is producing lots of little tomatoes as well. I can't wait for them to turn red and I get to taste my first home grown tomato!

So hopefully in a few more weeks I will have something edible to show you. Any recommendations on what are good things to plant now which grow pretty well would be great!


Hannah said...

Well done! At least you know that the plants that have survived are hardy ;) It's been so long since I've had a veggie garden... I'm envious!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Great job with your garden (just a dream for me being in an apartment with a black thumb). I would love to grow Meyer lemons!

Anna Johnston said...

Well done, its amazing anything has survived given all the rain we've had. Gosh you've certainly had your 'garden challenges' with plum trees, dogs & weather..., looking forward to seeing how all your crops provide.

Jen said...

This is super exciting! Your garden can be my virtual garden coz i just keep killing all the herbs & veg in mine!