Friday, October 22, 2010

Ottoman Cuisine Canberra

I always got excited when it was Frankie's birthday in Sydney as there were so many choices of fantastic restaurants to go to, but here in Canberra it's not quite the same. There are only a small selection of restaurants that are really good.

Ottoman Cuisine is one of two restaurants in Canberra that has one hat (Italian and Sons is the other, which is very very good). I had also heard lots of good reviews about the restaurant, so decided to go ahead and book it.

I had heard the degustation was very good value for money, but when the waiter told us about the special entrees, we decided to fore go the degustation and pick our own menus.

Whiting? with aioli and fennel and beetroot salad - $22

Not too sure exactly what type of fish this was, I am not too good with identifying different types of fish. This was really nice and had a perfect texture to it with the crunchiness of one side of it. I love anything with dill in it too. The salad complimented it very well also.

Another view of the fish

Scallops Moussaka - $22

These were just beautiful. I wish there were more of them on the plate! The perfectly cooked scallops sat atop a tender piece of eggplant with a tomato sauce of some kind. These should definitely be a regular on the menu.

Sish Tavuk - $29

Frankie went with the char grilled chicken with chickpea salad and yoghurt sauce. This was very nice, but nothing too different from something you can get at a Mediterranean restaurant.

Ordek - $33

Whenever there is duck on the menu I usually get it, as I love duck and hardly ever cook it at home. The duck was beautiful here and so tender that it fell off the bone. It was served with a celeriac puree and juniper berry jus.

Orange Semolina Cake

For dessert we got the orange semolina cake and baklava. I didn't think the desserts were that great actually. I found the cake to be a bit dry, I like my semolina cakes nice and syrupy and gooey.

At the end of the night as we were leaving we saw Peter Garrett leaving the restaurant too. Frankie wanted to get a photo with him, but he was quite rude and said that he was too busy and didn't have enough time :(

Ottoman Cuisine Canberra
Cnr of Broughton and Blackall Streets
Barton ACT 2600

Tel: 6273 6111

Open Lunch Tuesday - Friday 12 till 3pm
Dinner Tuesday - Saturday 6 - 10pm


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Yum! We had some of the same things at our meal here. What a shame about Peter Garrett! I thought politicians had to be nice to people-voting and all!

john@heneedsfood said...

Food looks great but seems a little pricey for the portion sizes. Shame about Mr Garrett's rudeness. Hope he enjoyed his tax-payer funded dinner ;)

Anonymous said...

Food looks very nice but overpriced. Peter Garret is a rude bloke especially since he has such high Christian values. I would have thought he needs all the friends he can get.

Anonymous said...

We're looking forward to a trip to The Ottoman soon. My experience with Peter Garret is that he is very rude too. Completely up himself. You would think since becoming a pollie and being responsible for "the bats are burning" episode he would be more humble.