Sunday, October 31, 2010

Organic Plants

Mum came around the other day and brought me a little present. How cool are these. Instead of having a chocolate fundraiser for a school, they were selling grow your own herbs and plants.

With the two herbs, all you do is cut off the top, sew the seeds (that come in a little plastic container) water and then wait for them to grow. The vegetables are done in a similar way, but once the seedlings are about 5 cm tall you are meant to replant them in the garden or a pot.

I have had them going for about a week now and haven't seen any growth, so we will wait and see...

Coriander Plant

Sweet Basil

Organic Lettuce

Organic Capsicums


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Ooh good luck with that! I love using fresh herbs and always wish I had more of a herb garden!

susan said...

thanks Lorraine:) I hope they grow a bit. I always seem to manage to kill herb plants that we have with either over or under watering!

Celia said...

A much better idea for a fund raiser than the boring chocolates we always had to buy! Have fun growing them! :)