Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Superbowl Dixon

Last thursday I met up with Frankie to have a late dinner. It was about 11:30pm so we decided to go to chinatown, cause there isn't too much else open at that time. We went to superbowl after my birthday a couple weeks ago, and it was pretty good and open late, so we headed there.

It was pretty packed, but there was one table for two outside which we were able to grab! A waiter came up pretty quickly to take our order, but we weren't ready yet, which meant quite a while until another waiter came...

Pipis in XO Sauce

Pipis seem to be the popular dish in Chinatown. They are quite small things, but you get heaps and heaps in a serving. The flavour is quite unique too, i can't really compare it to another dish. It's quite spicy but the heat doesn't linger. Lots of people here order fried bread too, which would be good to soak up all the sauce!

Pork Ribs Pekingese Style

Oh my god these were so good. So sweet and sticky and crispy. You know how sometimes when things are fried and then put in sauce they start to go soggy on the outside? Well these weren't like that at all. I would recommend this dish for sure.

I can't remember what the prices were, but the pipis are on market price (which i think was about $22 that night).

At about midnight we noticed the queues of people waiting for tables, it was amazing!

Crowds of people

Frankie with a Pipi!

Superbowl Dixon Street
Dixon Street
Chinatown, Sydney


Chubbypanda said...

I've never seen XO sauce with quite that consistency. The dish looks really good.

susan said...

Hi chubbypanda - yeah it was really good. The dish never seemed to end either. You should definitely try it!

Squishy said...

Looks awesome!

susan said...

Hi Squishy - Yeah it was. So fresh and tasty. Best meal in sydney you can get at midnight!