Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sushi Samurai

A couple of weeks ago Frankie and I were going to go to Hamachi-Ya, which is a relatively small Japanese restaurant in Pyrmont, for dinner but it was packed, so a couple of Sundays ago we decided to try again, but I had a feeling that it was closed on Sundays (which it is) so I searched on the internet for another Japanese Restaurant and came across Sushi Samurai, which was practically in the same area.

We got there hoping that it would be open and there would be a table, and luckily it was and there was one table left! I had a look at the menu and noticed how varied it was and how cheap. We enjoyed the meal thouroughly so decided to go back again the following week. We pretty much ordered the same thing, but instead of getting the Chicken Karage we chose the beef tataki instead.

When you sit down they bring you out this salad straight away. I always like complimentary things at restaurants! This was sort of a pasta salad, tasted a bit like the ones you can get at coles with the macaroni type pasta. I prefer the other type of japanese salads you get which are usually all green with a tangy dressing.

I love takoyaki. I love the combination of the creamy mayo and the tangy tonkatsu sauce with the texture of the ball with squid. I could eat them every day. This was only $9.80 for the 6 or 8 (can't remember) of them which is pretty good.

We also got the sashimi entree at $11.80. I am not too good with my types of fish, as long as I get the salmon sashimi i am happy, but i wasn't sure what the other 2 were. Yellowtail tuna maybe? They were all fantastic though, with a nice big ball of wasabi too!

Dragon Roll Sushi was marked on the menu as their specialty. It was so good the first time we got it we had to get it again. After only trying eel for the first time last year at Yoshii, I was hooked. I have to get it every time i get japanese food (if it's available). This was soo good with the cream cheese also. I think this was about $12, which is excellent value i think.

Lastly was the Tataki...That's too thick don't you reckon? It was way chewy as well, i thought it was going to get stuck in my throat! I have had good tataki before and this was not, which was a shame cause everything else was soooooo good. Anyway we will be back, but i won't be ordering this again.

The menu is really good too cause there are lots of pictures which always makes deciding easier, but harder because you want everything!

They also have a Sushi Samurai in neutral bay which would be interesting to try.
Sushi Samurai
Shop 1/16 - 30
Bunn Street
Ph: 9518 8852
Open Every Day

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